Our Rooms

Royal Castle

Our classiest and most luxurious rooms in the resort lie in the Royal Castle. The area breathes of comfort and occupies up to 1300 Square feet. Bathrooms here are oversize with relaxing and mega jacuzzi. The Royal Castle also features a luxurious bathtub and Jacuzzi.

Sea Castle

Our Sea Castle is closer to the ocean than any other category of rooms. The natural breeze from the sea and the beautiful sound of waters give patrons the serenity they look for outside their busy life.

Booking a room in the Sea Castle entitles you to a well-equipped spa, shower, gym center, outdoor and indoor pool, boardwalk, gift shops, sitting room, dining area, and sun deck.

Premier Cliff Rooms

There’s something about rooms built on a rock. The elevation view from this part of the resort makes visitors feel larger than life.

Clients enjoy tropical gardens, LED TV, modern decor, free WiFi, a private lanai, one king bed, a standard bathroom, and room services.

Victoria Rooms

Rooms in this section of the resort have a royal and classic aura, mainly the decor.

Amenities in the Victoria Rooms are a studio bed, mini-suite, bathtub, LED TV, WiFi, room services, and spa room.

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