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Our resort is an epitome of class, hospitality, and innovation, offering you a breath of fresh air on an island shrouded by serenity.

At hanginggardensubud.com, our customer comes first; therefore, we serve every visitor luxury and comfort with respect, dignity, and honor.

Our resort is a global hub for weddings, vacations, vow renewals, business meetings, and conferences.

We embrace diversity to meet the needs of our various patrons while also remembering our roots, which reflects in the warmth, modernization, and unity we perpetually demonstrate. Our attitude to duty remains unchanging: commitment, satisfaction, intuition, and extraordinary.

Moreover, our mega restaurant with exquisite chefs and servers provide world-class meals to enhance our culinary reputation known to be unique.

As a committed and responsible company, we promote sustainability by taking care of our environment and giving back to the local community we occupy.

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Our Service

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Swimming Pools

Get the splash of your life. Our main swimming pool and river-style swimming pool are accessible to all guests of different ages.


The fitness room at Hanging Gardens Ubud is a spacious indoor facility furnished with gym equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers, weights, and much more. We’re excited to open its door to you any day and any time.

Whenever you’re ready, our hot tub is ready for you too. Moreover, our jacuzzi’s layout exposes guests to the outside world’s view, creating the ideal ambiance for a daydreaming adventure. 

Our wellness service also includes some facial treatments and massage services at our luxury spa. As you amass the view of the sea as our staff helps you de-stress and age backward, our facial treatments and massage services are one of the things you’ll happily remember us for in times to come.

Gym Interior
Mature couple vacationing at a resort

Disability Services

Part of our goal is ensuring that people with special needs get a kick out of our resort. Therefore, we’ve equipped our resort with various special equipment and service facilities that aid mobility and comfort for them. Moreover, we organize and prepare our rooms to remain welcoming of people with mobility difficulties. Guests can call us for personalized services, transportation, nurse service, and equipment for people with disabilities.


Since it starts with your taste bud and ends up in your abdomen, we’ve ensured that every bite and gulp guarantees your return. Have our restaurants to yourself and enjoy a bottle of champagne with your loved one, whether exclusively or among other connoisseurs.

Senior Group Relax Lifestyle Dinning Concept


Say your vows while lost in us. We host romantic occasions, unforgettable weddings, and ecstatic honeymoon in the most admirable territory you’d come across.


We’re committed to giving you a blissful memory of a lifetime via the serenity of our environment, the poise of our staff, and the refinement of our facilities. Our creative approach to offering you the utmost gratification is something you’d cherish most about us.

What They're Saying

Happy woman

Audrey Burges


Holding our company’s yearly summit at Hanging Gardens Ubud for the first time was worth our investment and trust. The Hanging Gardens Ubud’s team gave our board of directors and investors a conducive atmosphere to fulfill the plan of our meeting. More than thank you, we want to say that we love you.

Happy man

Troy Angel


Seeking solitude and comfort as an American celebrity may seem far-fetched. However, I’m delighted that Hanging Gardens Ubud resort afforded me both. Surprisingly, while I thought to take a break from music, the environment’s serenity helped me connect with my inner self to write and compose two of my favorite songs of this season. Thank you, Hanging Gardens Ubud. You’re my new home.

Portrait of a free happy man with scooters near the sea.Recreation, Travel on a scooter

Jhon David


I just love that the team responded so promptly to my message, informing them about the baggage I left behind. I was deeply impressed when the resort delivered my luggage to me in less than 12 hours of notifying them. Besides, the rooms and facilities were the best I’ve experienced over five years of traveling for pleasure. I’ll do this again severally.

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