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About Us

Our resort is the epitome of class, hospitality, and innovation, offering you a breath of fresh air on a secure resort shrouded by serenity.

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Free Wifi

We have free wifi facilities for our all visitor. Our wifi service is ready to connect you with the world during holiday.

Premium Pool

Our main swimming pool and river-style swimming pool are accessible to all guests of different ages.

Authentic Restaurant

We have an authentic restaurant for all our customers to ensure good food.

Fitness Center

We have fitness center for maintaining your health fitness during travel. So you don't have to worry about your fitness.


We have big conference room for your any types of meeting or conference.

Wellness & Rejuvination

Our resort gives fresh air and nature feel. So it is helpful for wellness and rejuvenation.

Rooms & Suites

Stylish Rooms

Lovers of country music and life would at once grab a room at the Country Rooms. You’ll find beautiful gardening surrounding this area of the resort and a great view of the large cliff that beautifies our hospitable business.

Twin Rooms

Rooms in this section of the resort have a royal and classic aura, mainly the decor.

Amenities in the Victoria Rooms are a studio bed, mini-suite, bathtub, LED TV, WiFi, room services, and spa room.

Family Rooms

Here lie simple rooms with basic amenities, however not compromising quality and comfort. The amenities of this room includes television, bedroom, bathroom, and room services.

Facilities & Activities


The fitness room at Hanging Gardens Ubud is a spacious indoor facility furnished with gym equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers, weights, and much more. We’re excited to open its door to you any day and any time. Want a holistic wellness package? There are many that we recommend like this one.


Say your vows in the most beautiful Bali luxury resort in the world. Bali is perfect for romantic occasions and there are plenty of options to choose from. There are also ecstatic honeymoon packages in the most romantic venues you’ve ever come across.


Part of our goal is ensuring that people with special needs get a kick out of our resort. Therefore, we’ve equipped our resort with various special equipment and service facilities that aid mobility and comfort for them.

We’ve ensured that every bite and gulp guarantees your return. Have our restaurants to yourself and enjoy a bottle of champagne or enjoy a local venue with your loved one, whether exclusively or among other connoisseurs.  Alternatively enjoy local Ubud fine dining in the surrounding areas.

Disability Services

What Do People Say About Hanging Gardens Ubud?

The Best Review

Seeking solitude and comfort as an American celebrity may seem far-fetched. However, I’m delighted that Hanging Gardens Ubud resort afforded me both.

Surprisingly, while I thought to take a break from music, the environment’s serenity helped me connect with my inner self to write and compose two of my favorite songs of this season. Thank you, Hanging Gardens Ubud. You’re my new home.

Catrina Kennedy


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