How to Eat Healthy at a Luxury Resort

Luxury resorts offer comfort and convenience for their guests.


All-inclusive resorts can be a curse or a blessing in your life. With unlimited food options, including free offers, you can easily lose control over your eating and consume more calories than your recommended daily intake.

When on vacation, you’re likely to order an extra hamburger or pizza. After all, you’re in a complete relaxing mode and can cheat here and there with your food choices.

You then realize you’ve added about 10 pounds upon getting home from your vacation. This completely ruins your health routine.

And, you’re likely to feel heavier and lazy when it comes to eating healthier or adjusting back to your healthy lifestyle. However, it’s possible to eat healthy while staying at a luxury resort and maintain your fitness or even heighten your endurance level.

Here’re a few tips to help you eat healthy at an all-inclusive resort:

  • Drink lots of water daily

Water down your body daily to flush toxins out of your system, keep nutrients flowing to all your body parts, and feel full for longer. Drinking water can also help you control your snacking and keep your body hydrated.

Drink lots of water every day, up to 8 glasses or liters.

Vacation usually involves spending lots of time outdoors in the sun and drinking alcohol whenever you can. Therefore, drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and healthy.

  • Look out for symbols that indicate healthy food choices

Whether you’re at an all-inclusive luxury resort or not, you can monitor your calorie count or salt-intake. The staff at the resort are more than willing to help their clients eat only dishes they consider healthy.

If you can’t get the specific dish recommended for your health, look out for tiny symbols on buffets and menus that indicate healthy options. A typical healthy meal would comprise of fresh sea bass served with asparagus.

  • Pick drinks wisely at the resident bar

Just like food, watch out what you drink while on vacation. Drinks such as margaritas, even just a single shot, can add lots of calories to your diet, giving you a terrible hangover.

Opt for mixed drinks such as vodka sodas or light beers if you must drink or alcohol is included in your all-inclusive package. This ensures that your calorie-intake is low to control weight gain.

Although you can treat yourself to a fruity drink, take it in moderation to control the amount of calories you consume through drinks.

  • Stay active – be on the move

Vacation is a time to do the things you love, spend time with friends or family, and visit interesting destinations to explore attractive local sites.

With tight travel schedules and busy itineraries, it’s difficult to find time for exercises or workouts. Although some resorts own gyms and fitness centers, you may not get time to visit and exercise.

Instead, swim in nearby beaches or resident swimming pools at the resort. Run around with your kids while outdoors or engage in fun on-site activities at the hotel.

If you’re staying at a beach resort, consider kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, or windsurfing to keep yourself active and burn excess calories. The activities won’t feel so routine like going to a gym.

  • Order no more than the one-plate special

When on vacation, you’re likely to be tempted to try out all the appetizing dishes in a single meal. Overcome your temptation and only order a single plate meal to minimize your calorie-intake.

  • Choose menus or buffets based on produce

Most resorts offer menus and buffets prepared using fresh produce. Choose options bound to nourish your body with healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, including plant proteins.

The vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables soothe and prevent sunburn effects. They also prevent illnesses and ease symptoms of hangover to ease your travel and energize your body for the vacation.

If you can’t eat all-veggie meals, choose dishes with produce as a major part of the dish. Stick to your chosen meal to ensure that you maintain healthy eating. Some produce to consider include:

  • Whole fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit salads
  • Green salads
  • Fruit pudding

You can include supplements to your diet, especially if on special meal plans due to health reasons. For instance, the Pruvit Keto OS diet supplement would be as effective as a low-carb meal in promoting weight loss.

On the other hand, Shark Tank Keto Pills work faster and better to enhance cognitive functions, boost energy and promote faster weight loss.

  • Dance all night long

Dancing is fun and healthy – a great way to shed off excess calories while on vacation and staying at a luxury resort.

More and more modern Mexican and Caribbean resorts offer dance lessons as part of entertainment programs to keep guests busy. Whether you want to join salsa dance classes or hit the bar at night, you’re bound to burn off calories.

Dancing is a great way to network with other guests, keep yourself moving and have a memorable experience at your resort. You can also look out for on-site bars or clubs with a dance floor, a DJ and enough space to dance off excess calories, all night long.

  • Ask for meal ingredients to ensure you eat healthy

If you aren’t sure about the specific ingredients that have been used to prepare a meal you want to order, ask for details.

Request for alternative meals with healthier ingredients if you don’t like what’s used on your first dish option. This is a great way to ensure that you’re aware of all the food ingredients in your meals.